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The brand new long player from "Demons" with an exclusive bonus track. Not available anywhere else!

The band once stated they would never make another full length but here it is. Kiss Off is their sixth full and eighth album (if you count the short ones),

This is the record the band always knew they had in them. An undiluted raw power, high energy punk rock, rock'n'roll outburst that gives you a run for your money. Traditionally, the band’s emphasis has always been on strong material and the trio’s delivery is as passionate and explosive as it ever was. Couple that with the uncompromising attitude and experience of a band that has been haunting the underground rock scene for two decades and you’ll have Kiss Off.
All parts put together constitute a "DEMONS" that know what they are doing and should rightfully do so after 20 odd years in the service of punk rock. This is the band their former label constructed the genre "punk'n'roll" for. Whatever you want to call it it's the real deal coming straight from the horse's mouth of Sweden's most persistent outsiders.

Please note: BEWARE of other bands using the name Demons. "DEMONS" has used it professionally since 1995! Look for the quotation marks!

Not your average rock'n'roll band, "DEMONS" started in 1994/95 and fast became one of the architects of the Scandi- or Action Rock sound and are contemporaries with The Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Gluecifer and the rest. “DEMONS” actually had an album ready as early as 1995 (before Ass Cobra and Supershitty to the Max) but no one wanted to release it. They had to wait until 1997 to unleash their first single Electrocute (later covered by The Hellacopters on their last album Head Off) and their 1998 Thomas Skogsberg produced debut mini album “Demons” Come Bursting Out!

The band was then contracted to Gearhead Records between 1999 and 2004 and released three full length albums for them while touring USA relentlessly, playing SXSW twice. After Gearhead the band turned down several larger labels and one big time producer in favor of managing themselves and designing, producing and putting out their own records (as well as collaborating with other independent artists and labels).
With 20 plus releases under their belt and hundreds of shows in countries like Sweden, USA, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Croatia, UK, Germany, Slovenia, Finland, Spain, Holland, Belgium and Japan the band is as vital as ever. Last years output with three individual singles, one mini album with another legend, Jeff Dahl, and several appearances on compilations cements ”DEMONS” appeal within their own genre and peers.
Despite the band’s efforts, hard work and pushing Scandinavian rock overseas they have remained underground and to a large extent even obscure in their home country. However, there is no question of their importance to the late 90’s, early 2000’s punk and garage scenes and as well for a second and third generation of bands.